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Public Speaking for Scientists (6)

2018-06-29 @ 18:00 - 20:15

Public Speaking for Scientists is a course designed for researches, scientific aspirants, teachers of English and other languages, or namely anyone working with text creation and composition on a regular basis. Classroom: A-312

In this course you will learn to effectively put together texts for:

  • Scientific publications (mission and text structure)
  • Extensive (oral) presentation to a scientific community
  • Quick opportunity presentation to a potential investor (elevator pitch)
  • Sale of your intellectual proprety to a consumer (marketing experience)

Over 6 practical sessions of mixed format, combining lectures, workshops and seminars Public Speaking for Scientists will provide you with a broad toolkit, enabling you to:

  • Take control of your voice and ‘vocalize’ your text (acting tools)
  • Convey the meaning and impact of your project to your audience effectuvely (NLP tools)
  • Present your project ‘tastefully’ in an interview or social media environment
  • Improve your ‘gut feeling’ for ways of delivering information with diverse texts
  • Expand your stylistic toolkit and understanding of relevancy of various elements in modern academic writing

Any modern scientific or academic practice requires a wide range of skills, which effectively enable the success of a scientific aspirant, a regular author or an active teacher. And it is no secret that in today’s rapidly evolving age of hi-tech media-driven environment it takes much more than being an academic professional in your field to succeed. Instead, you must contintinue to evolve into a diverse and competent personality equipped with an arsenal of tools from a wide variety of near-academic fields.

Public Speaking for Scientists is a fresh look at an academic reality and a contemporary collection of interactive lections and seminars, aimed at improving your professional skillset in a format of practical exersizes with extensive individual and group feedback value. Its goal is to bring active participants of the course to the point of «no-return» by rapidly expanding ther relevant set of fields to include the fundamentals of creative writing, public speaking, acting, radio-hosting, journalism and psychology.

Scientific achievements and methodical innovation, as a product of today’s environment, may end up being a wasted effort if their promotion is not reviewed from a marketing standpoint. Going far beyond the standards of academic writing you will find out how to attract attention of the scientific community to your project, how to fuel a potential investor’s desire to invest into you and your work, how to remain calm and lose your destructive habits in a public speaking environment, and how to create diverse texts that serve your purpose.

Throughout the course you will be asked to set a new relevant project goal for yourself and take several concrete steps to achieve it. All the resources used throughout the course will remain with you in the end, as you leave enriched, empowered and well on your way to your goals.

Speaker: Evelina Arzhanova (Manchik)


18:00 - 20:15