150 English Grammar Pages: Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram

You well know that productive studying and social networks are like archenemies to each other. You can only do one at any given time. You usually start with studying, let’s say, English grammar, but suddenly find yourself scrolling your Facebook feed or browsing subreddits. We know how that works.

But what if we told you there’s a way to combine the two and bring peace to the rivalry?

Modern social networks and entertainment platforms exist for more than fun and free time. They can also be very helpful if you want to learn English.

So today we’re going to look at 150 essential English grammar resources you can find on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and Telegram. Note that there also will be resources that are closely related to grammar or English learning in general.

Let’s jump right into it!

Table of Contents
  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Reddit
  4. Telegram


Long gone are the days when YouTube was only cat videos and fails compilations.

It’s now a vast platform that successfully competes with television, giving creators the opportunity to earn money, and viewers to choose from an endless number of content options to watch.

But there’s not only entertainment.

It would be criminal not to assume that you can use YouTube for educational purposes. A significant number of channels where you can learn English supports the statement.

Watching videos can easily become a significant part of studying grammar online.

Bbc learning english website

1. BBC Learning English

Here is a channel that has videos with well thought-through explanations, as well as content on specific topics. The channel covers all the aspects of English, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.

2. Speak English With Misterduncan

This channel is considered one of the most popular English learning channels on YouTube. It’s run by an experienced teacher, who creatively delivers the material with lots of humor.

3. EF podEnglish

This channel uploads short information-dense videos aimed at learners of all levels: from beginners to advanced students. All of their video lessons are well written and structured.

Jeffrey Gitomer quote

4. Rachel’s English

A YouTube channel that has all the videos sorted by categories. Also, all the videos are accompanied by subtitles so that beginners can better understand them.

5. Real English

This channel shares content based on real-life situations. It delivers outstanding practical materials for all learners willing to improve their English skills.

6. LearnAmericanEnglishOnline

The primary focus of this channel is English grammar. It has over 500 videos to satisfy your learning needs.

7. British Council | LearnEnglish Kids

Even though this channel aims to help children, it is quite suitable for adult learners, too. It’s a good place for beginners to start learning the language.

8. Pronunciation Pro

Pronunciation pro youtube channel

This channel with over 200,000 subscribers shares tips on how to improve your pronunciation.

9. Doing English with Julian

An English teacher from the UK created this channel to help English learners by sharing advice and tips. The content is for intermediate and advanced students.

10. Learn English with Papa Teach Me

This channel is going to help you learn English phrases, expressions, idioms, and grammar. The author of this channel doesn’t just share the theory. He delivers the material in a rather entertaining manner, which makes learning more fun.

Zadies Smith quote

11. Holmwood’s Online Learning

The channel provides full English grammar lessons. They’re easy to understand, so the channel is a perfect fit both for beginners and more experienced students.

12. Daily English Conversation

With the help of this channel, you’re going to develop your conversational skills. This includes knowing sentence patterns, words and phrases, expressions, and grammar rules.

13. Learn English with

An English learning website runs this channel. Here, they post educational and entertaining videos on improving your comprehension and vocabulary. There are also videos like the one explaining how you can learn English through song lyrics.

14. Sozo Exchange

Sozo exchange on youtube

This is a channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. It shares detailed lessons on English pronunciation and vocabulary. There’s plenty of practical advice, so you’ll learn a lot from it.

15. Business English Pod

This YouTube channel has a slightly narrower focus. It’s going to tell you everything about business English.

16. Learn English with Let’s Talk

This channel contains a huge number of lessons and covers almost any topic imaginable. If you like to have everything in one place—this channel is for you. Grammar, vocabulary, idioms, conversation, phrases—this channel has it all.

Purushottam Muley quote

17. Learn English with Steve Ford

This channel has over 200,000 subscribers and more than 400 high-quality English learning videos (and the number keeps growing). It covers various topics ranging from pronunciation to grammar.

18. VOA Learning English

With the help of this channel, you’ll be able to improve your listening skills and improve English language knowledge in general. It includes news reports with captions that are read at slightly lower speed for better understanding.

19. Anglo-link

This YouTube channel contains videos on various components of the English language, including expressions and phrasal verbs, grammar, and more. It has video lessons for students at pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels.

20. EngVid

Engvid channel youtube

This channel has 11 English teachers and more than 900 total video lessons. There’s something new to discover for any English learner.

21. JenniferESL

Another popular YouTube channel for English learners that covers a wide variety of topics.

22. Learn English with Let’s Talk

This channel provides help to English learners who want to improve their pronunciation and get rid of an accent. It will also teach you correct grammar usage, idioms, and expand your vocabulary. All the videos have clear instructions and include practical tips.

23. EnglishLessons4U

Here’s a channel that contains numerous informative and useful lessons. They’re also interesting to watch, so learning with this channel won’t feel like a chore.

Joan Didion quote

24. ESL and Popular Culture

The creator of this channel is based in the UK. With the help of this resource, you’ll improve your reading and listening comprehension. Videos rely mostly on pictures and text rather than on having a presenter.

25. ESLbasics

This channel provides small, bite-sized video lessons that cover topics like phrasal verbs, idioms, or vocabulary in general. If this is what you want to improve in your English—check out this channel.

26. Easy Languages – Easy English

On this channel, you’ll find regular English speaking people interviewed on a variety of topics. This will allow you to hear how everyday English sounds in real life, rather than what you hear in many educational videos.

27. Britlish – Learn British English

Britlish learn youtube channel

A native British English teacher runs this channel. While helping English learners to improve their grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, he also teaches and improves editing skills.

28. Learn American English

This channel takes a slightly different approach and helps learners who are interested in American English. Along with general theoretical material, it explains the differences between British and American English.

29. JamesESL English Lessons

This is one of engVid English teacher’s channels. While his videos are very informative, he also doesn’t restrict students and allows them to find the style of learning that suits them the best.

30. English with Lucy

This channel has a huge amount of content. It includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, expressions, as well as review videos, stories, interviews, listening practices, vlogs, and more.

Baltasar Gracian quote

31. English Like A Native

This channel will help you progress in your English learning and come closer to speaking English like a native.

32. Real English With Real Teachers

This channel’s creators are two professional English teachers—Harry and Charlie. They share helpful videos for learners of all levels, as well as for those preparing to pass IELTS or Cambridge tests.

33. mmmEnglish

The channel is going to help you build confidence along with improving your English skills. It covers a variety of topics and aspects of the English language, both written and oral.

34. Gabby Wallace – Go Natural English

This channel focuses on American English. A teacher with over 15 years of experience runs it. She’ll help you to improve your listening skills, train your accent, and increase conversation skills.

35. EnglishAnyone

Check out this channel if you want to learn conversational English, speak confidently, and understand natives with ease.


Good old Facebook. How many hundreds of hours were spent on it, looking at pictures, reading comments, and chatting with friends?

Now, you can spend more time, but instead, be doing something useful.

It probably wouldn’t be a big surprise if we told you that among numerous groups and public pages on Facebook, there are plenty of those that can help you with learning English.

Check some of them out right now.

36. LearnEnglish – British Council

This is one of the many pages run by The British Council. This one is a perfect fit for adults and people who want to improve their skills and connect with other learners.

37. LearnEnglish Teens – British Council

Another British Council Facebook page, this time dedicated to teenagers. It has plenty of English advice and tips on vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, and much more.

Learn english teens british council facebook

38. LearnEnglish – British Council MENA

This page’s purpose is to help foreign ESL students to learn English. It mainly focuses on students from North Africa and the Middle East.

39. Real English

This page is going to be suitable not only for students but teachers as well. It contains numerous resources, including lessons, exercises, and helpful tips.

40. Rachel’s English – American Pronunciation

AN experienced ESL teacher runs this page. Her material is easy to understand, and she covers a wide variety of topics.

Raheel Farooq quote

41. Grammar Revolution

This page is for everyone looking for grammar help. With its help, learning will become more enjoyable. It’s full of English exercises, lessons, diagrams, and videos.

42. English Idioms

If you want to know common expressions, learn new ones, and find out about rarities—this page is for you. Knowing idioms will have a positive effect on your grammar practice, too.

43. English Speaking Club

This page has amassed almost 2 million followers. It’s a community where you can improve your English skills (including grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary) with daily videos and lessons.

44. Free ESL Handouts

Free ESL handouts facebook page

This page provides you with printable worksheets to assist in your English practice. There are hundreds of materials for you to use.

45. English Teacher Melanie

This page is created and run by a Canadian TESL-certified teacher. She also provides online tutoring, teaching, and coaching. With her help, English becomes less confusing.

46. Flo-Joe for FCE

This is one of two pages, each having a specific focus. This one is aimed at helping you to pass the First Certificate exam.

47. Flo-Joe for CAE

And here’s the second one. This page helps English learners to prepare for passing the exam to get a Certificate in Advanced English.

A.P.Martinich quote

48. Really Learn English

Another good Facebook page for English learners with lots of tips, lessons, English grammar exercises, and worksheets. You can also engage in discussion with other learners here.


This Facebook page is where you can find multiple choice tests, learning materials, as well as a hefty dose of fun content. All about English.

50. Grammarly

Despite the fact that this is a page for a service, it contains tons of useful information for English learners.

51. “English JoKes”

It’s nice to mix everything up a little, step away from all the seriousness of learning English and have some fun. This page is going to help you with that, while still making sure you look at content in English.

52. Babbel

Babbel languages- facebook

This page is for a learning platform. Just like Grammarly’s page, this one has a lot to offer. It has gathered a community, members of which discuss their experiences with English learning and share useful study materials.

53. Learn English as a second language

This page continuously provides exercises for English learners, along with teaching you new idioms. It’s going to help you improve your grammar skills and vocabulary without putting in too much effort.

54. Dream English

Even though this page is mostly aimed at children, it can still be useful for absolute adult beginners who decided to learn English. Start with the basics (basic grammar, for example) and work your way toward more complex concepts.

Edgar Allan Poe quote

55. English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced

This page’s purpose is to improve your vocabulary by feeding you new words on an everyday basis.

56. Learn English

Head over to this Facebook page for daily explanations, helpful links, and usage examples. You can also try out your skills by writing sentences in the comments and getting your grammar and other mistakes corrected.

57. VOA Learning English

This page will give you plenty of topics to read about and discuss. The page also contains numerous tips and educational videos on grammar, vocabulary, and more.

58. BBC Learning English

BBC learning english page on Facebook

We’ve already looked at the BBC Learning English YouTube channel. Now it’s time for their Facebook page. It’s quite similar to the channel. The biggest difference is that BBC Learning English focuses more on British English. The page shares articles, podcasts, videos, and lots of other materials to help English learners.

59. Practice English everyday

Apart from getting technical advice, the major feature of this page is that you can find people you can practice your English with. You can do so through discussions, or simply by introducing yourself and finding people with similar interests who are willing to work with you.

60. Learn English Online

Visiting this page is like studying with a teacher, only at home, without having to go to an English class. The page has a lot to share: blog posts, educational videos, discussion topics, and a lot more.

Thomas Higginson quote

61. ESL Team

Unlike many pages that leave topics for discussion for their members and never come back to them, ESL Team always engages in the conversation, replying to comments, asking additional questions, and making a discussion much deeper overall.

62. FluentU English

This page mainly focuses on bringing you educational videos and clips. While videos make up the majority of this page’s content, it still has helpful tips and blog posts to share now and then.

63. Grammar Girl

This page is a must-try for any English learner. It has plenty of grammar discussions with simple and accessible explanations, English grammar videos, and more.

64. English Grammar

English grammar facebook page

This Facebook page is all about English grammar and other aspects of the language. It regularly posts pictures, grammar quiz questions, and links to informative articles on a variety of topics.

65. English Grammar Club

This page will help learners to improve their English by providing everyday lessons on different topics.

66. Daily English Grammar

Another page that updates regularly and has quite a lot of helpful content for all the English learners.

67. Learn English Grammar

This page is going to help you get closer to speaking perfect English. It provides grammar lessons, new words and phrases, and shares articles and other useful learning materials.

Richard Corliss quote

68. Perfect English Grammar

This is a Facebook page for an English learning website. It contains clear explanations of English grammar rules as well as plenty of exercises to practice your skills.

69. English Grammar In Use everyday

If you need even more in-depth explanations of how to improve English grammar—try this page. Apart from that, you can also find books and articles, as well as other educational content.

70. English can be fun

As the name of this page suggests, there can be fun involved in learning English. The page is going to help you enjoy your learning process through videos and curious facts.

71. English Teacher

English teacher Facebook page

Anyone who wants to improve their English skills can find a lot of materials on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary on this page.

72. Woodward English

This page shares free ESL resources for everyone looking to upgrade their knowledge of the language. It includes vocabulary charts and lists, grammar tips, texts for reading, interactive lessons, and lots of downloadable resources and handouts.

73. English Fluency

The goal of this Facebook page is to help English learners improve their fluency. It shares lessons on a daily basis covering a lot of different topics (like English grammar tenses).

74. Espresso English

This page is for those who lack time for proper English studying but want to improve their skills anyway. It shares fast weekly lessons aimed at developing one’s grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening.

Michel de Montaigne quote

75. ABA English

On this Facebook page, an English learning website provides part of its courses for free, as well as other helpful materials like pictures and videos.

76. English Study Page

This is another page where you can significantly improve your English grammar knowledge.

77. English Department

This Facebook page shares free English learning resources along with inspirational quotes and interesting articles.

78. Study English

This page delivers a wide range of free resources and materials for self-study that are going to be useful for English learners of all ages.

79. Grammar Revolution

The goal of this page is inspiring people to learn English grammar. The whole process is made easy here, with informative and entertaining lessons.

80. English Notes & Tips

English notes and tips

This page shares English learning materials, covering topics of grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and speaking.

81. Learn To Speak English

On this page, you’ll find plenty of downloadable materials and e-books that will help you to improve your English.

82. English Grammar in Use

The page delivers detailed information on all aspects of English grammar.

83. English Study

With the help of this page, you’ll be able to improve your knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills, and more.

84. Helen’s Easy English

This page not only provides exceptionally useful learning materials and advice, but it also inspires learners who want to know how to speak English like a native.

Martin Worthington quote

85. English Quizzes

On this page, you’ll find numerous English quizzes that will help you to test your knowledge of a wide range of topics.

86. English Language School

This page covers both British and American English. It posts videos and podcasts on various topics for learners of different experience levels.

87. Love English

Two English university teachers run this page. They share all of their English language knowledge with learners who want to improve their English skills.

88. English for All

The page for EFL and ESL learners where they can find lots of lessons, exercises, and tips on English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

89. English Grammar & More

This is the page where you can improve your English skills, as well as to test your knowledge of different topics and vocabulary.


This beautiful website calls itself “the front page of the internet” for a good reason.

This is the place where you can find discussions on any topic imaginable.

Reddit is where you can ask for help or advice, find out the latest news or some curious facts, or witness the inception of a new online trend or meme.

So, using it as a resource to learn English online doesn’t seem like such a weird idea, right?

90. /r/Grammar

The name of this subreddit explains its contents perfectly. This is a place where you can learn everything you need to know about English grammar. Word usage, word formation, syntax, links to learning resources and articles–you name it.

91. /r/LanguageExchange

Language exchange reddit

A helpful subreddit for those who are learning a language and want to talk to native speakers. The community consists mostly of bilingual and multilingual people who’ll gladly offer their help and answer grammar questions or anything about vocabulary skills, writing, or speaking.

92. /r/LanguageBuds

This subreddit is similar to the previous. This is an active community where you can get tons of advice and help with English, especially if you’re a non-native speaker and can offer some language help in return.

93. /r/Vocabulary

This is where you can discuss words and their definitions. There are also threads where users talk about possible uses of a certain word. Apart from that, there are also links to quizzes where you can test your English vocabulary knowledge.

David Ogilvy quote

94. /r/AlienExchange

This is a place where you can get one-on-one English conversation practice to improve your skills. You can find people with similar interests so your chat is alive and natural.

95. /r/Penpals

Another subreddit where you can find someone to talk to in order to boost your written English. You need to introduce yourself, sharing as much as possible, and then you’ll be able to get into an interesting conversation.

96. /r/Words

Here, discussions about words happen. While all languages are welcome, most of the posts are about English words. You can get answers to questions about new words or expressions, odd word usages, words you never knew existed or you wish did, and much more.

97. /r/EnglishLearning

English learning on reddit

A perfect go-to place for everyone who has English as their second language. This subreddit is going to be especially useful for beginning learners. All your questions regarding the language will get answered here.

98. /r/StudyPals

This subreddit gives you the opportunity to study in a group. You can create your own group or join an existing one. There’s also the possibility to network between people who are good at their respective fields.

99. /r/Logophilia

This subreddit is dedicated to discovering more unusual and rare words you probably won’t use much in everyday life. But that doesn’t make these words less interesting.

Cara Lynn Shultz quote

100. /r/WhatsTheWord

Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t remember a word, even though you use it often, and know what it means? Then the next time that happens go straight to this subreddit!

101. /r/JudgeMyAccent

This subreddit is for those who are concerned not only about their grammar, but also about their accent. Here, you can post a recording of you speaking English to get feedback on how good your pronunciation is.

102. /r/IELTS

IELTS is a standardized test that measures your English language proficiency. This subreddit focuses on providing learning materials, tips, and lesson plans for everyone interested in passing IELTS.

103. /r/Linguistics

Linguistics on reddit

Here, you can find lots of information about the history of the English language, its phonology and dialects, take part in discussions about how society and language connect, find links to free online courses, or participate in a weekly Q & A.

104. /r/Proofreading

In this subreddit, you can share a text you need to proofread, and other users will comment on it, pointing out all the possible typos and flaws. This community follows strict rules, so you can’t submit your homework or any other work that’s intended to test your knowledge of English.

105. /r/EnglishTutoring

The subreddit unites English learners, English tutors, and native speakers. They can share useful study materials and discuss questions regarding the English language here.

Mark Twain quote

106. /r/Etymology

This is where you can learn all about the meaning of a particular word or phrase, find out about its origin and development, and check out links to external educational resources.

107. /r/Language

This community is for speakers of any language. Users will gladly identify the language in which a particular text is written, as well as share informative articles (including ones about the English language).

108. /r/IWantToLearn

In this subreddit, you can tell everyone what you want to learn, and those who have the required knowledge will go ahead and help you out. You can either search previous requests to see if there’s something similar to what you need or start a new thread.

109. /r/languagelearning

Language learning reddit

This is the place for everyone interested in learning a language. Any language, including English. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their level of knowledge.

110. /r/totalanguage

This subreddit holds a challenge. The aim is to learn as much as possible about the language of your choice in a year. There are weekly and monthly threads posted, where participants can share their experiences and set goals for themselves.

111. /r/askanenglishteacher

You can ask anything regarding the English language in this subreddit. Users are free to post any content as long as it’s helpful.

112. /r/doc

In this subreddit, users discuss all the possible mistakes people can make in English including punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Maurice Druon quote

113. /r/badgrammar

Sometimes, it’s best to learn something by examining mistakes. But those don’t necessarily have to be your mistakes. In this subreddit, cases of bad grammar and spelling are discussed.

114. /r/badlinguistics

This subreddit is like the one above. The difference is that here people discuss linguistics issues. The examples are from all over the internet, so there’s plenty of material to look at.

115. /r/engrish

Who said learning English can’t be fun? This subreddit proves those people wrong. It contains some of the most hilarious real-life examples of bad grammar and spelling.


Telegram has taken the smartphones of millions of people by storm and stepped up the messenger game dramatically.

Excellent features like complete encryption of messages, helpful bots, channels, and groups make Telegram the king of messengers.

But there’s a way to get even more use out of it.

With a variety and abundance of educational groups and channels, you can learn English quite efficiently using Telegram.

116. @EnglishOftheDay

This one is for those who dream of being fluent and sounding more like a native English speaker.

117. @EnglishHarmony

This channel is going to help everyone who’s looking to improve their English skills through sharing TOEFL and IELTS videos.

118. @EnglishTipsandTools

English tips and tools in telegram

If you want to know how to speak English fluently—subscribe to this channel to get daily grammar tips, new words, and phrases.

119. @common_mistakes

This channel is going to help you learn English through analyzing the most common mistakes made by learners, offering corrections, and pointing out what’s wrong.

120. @EspressoEnglish

The channel shares pictures and videos to help you improve your spoken English.

121. @englishfortomorrow

This channel gives learners a lot of freedom regarding how they want to improve their English, while still providing plenty of helpful materials.

122. @Grammarian

A perfect resource for everyone focused on improving their English grammar skills, along with pronunciation, spelling, and broadening vocabulary.

Jasper Fforde quote

123. @ieltsunited

This channel shares learning materials for anyone who’s preparing to take the IELTS test. It covers all the sections—reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

124. @en_online

This is a channel that shares English learning materials daily.

125. @daytodayenglish

On this channel, you’ll find popular phrases, phrasal verbs in English grammar, idioms, and American and British slang used in everyday conversations.

126. @american

This channel helps you learn English through sharing inspiring stories from real life.

127. @learn_english11

This channel posts useful pictures and tips that are helpful for any English learner.

128. @englishl

English channel on telegram

The channel that shares useful videos aimed at improving your listening skills and comprehension.

129. @english

This channel aims to help all the learners who want to learn grammar and get significantly better at English.

130. @engskills

The channel shares daily podcasts, news, quotes, and an abundance of educational materials. It’s particularly useful for those who are preparing for TOEFL or IELTS, as well as for all the other English learners.

131. @sirjimmy

Another nice channel where you can get plenty of tips, tricks, and useful advice on how to improve English.

132. @eng_audio_materials

This channel shares audio materials for English learners who want to have better comprehension.

133. @the_englishclub

This Telegram group is for everyone desiring to practice their English and improve their skills.

Agona Apell quote

134. @thinkenglish

On this channel, you’ll find plenty of useful tips and advice on how to learn English easily. It also shares movies with subtitles, books, and set phrases.

135. @life365_englishclub

This channel is for those who want their English to become more fluent quickly.

136. @englishlanguageclub

This channel is for learners who already have some English background. It’s going to improve your vocabulary, teach proper grammar, spelling, and point out common mistakes.

137. @aefile

This channel shares plenty of English learning materials to satisfy all of your studying needs.

138. @learningadvancedenglish

Another English learning Telegram channel. This time, it’s for learners who’ve reached an advanced level.

139. @learnerland

A channel for learners around the world who are preparing to pass IELTS.

International english language testing system on a telegram

140. @ielts_prime

A professional IELTS trainer runs this channel. He shares educational materials for everyone willing to improve their English skills.

141. @proficiencyinenglish

The channel helps you improve your English by sharing informative and interesting articles on various topics, as well as new words and phrases.

142. @englishcafepage

A channel with plenty of informative and helpful videos, pictures, songs with lyrics, and much more. All to help you learn grammar and improve your English.

143. @ieltsunited

Here, you’ll get help in preparation for IELTS from expert English teachers.

Winston Churchill quote

144. @englishpediagroup

This is the place where you have a chance to practice and improve your English with learners from around the world.

145. @joinenglishextra

This channel provides tips and advice on grammar through shared stories, and music with lyrics.

146. @englishworld

On this channel, you’ll get inspirational quotes, articles, educational materials, and much more content aimed at improving your English.

147. @englishworl

The channel shares grammar tips, audio stories, books, expressions, phrasal verbs, and idioms. It also covers some of the most common mistakes and word misuses.

148. @violaclub

This is a channel with plenty of pictures, quotes, tips, and videos that will help you to improve your English.

149. @irengtime

This channel is for English learners of any age and experience level.

150. @englishuz

This channel offers numerous educational materials from short tips and tricks, to articles, books, and videos.

We hope that you find these English grammar resources helpful!

Did we miss something? What are your favorite grammar resources? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!
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