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7 Podcasts Writers and Readers Will Love

Podcasts for writers can help you develop your talent as a writer. It is the perfect opportunity for those looking for discussions about literary creation, the challenges of writing a book and how to overcome these difficulties.

And, believe me, there are countless podcasts for writers. To show a little of this, this article lists a total of 7 American podcasts for anyone who intends to become a writer or already writes, in addition to some bonus tips for finding audio content on the subject.


First Things First: What Is a Podcast?

It’s essentially audio content made available in a feed. You can listen either in stream or simply download the file and listen to it in an audio player of your choice. The podcast is an incredible medium for those who barely have time for themselves. It enables the consuming of audio content, while navigating crowded public transports, driving, or even cleaning the house. However, what not everyone understands is that the podcast is extremely rich not only in humorous or everyday content, but also educational. This is where podcasts for writers come in.

  1. Writing Excuses

Captained by a group of hosts who alternate in weekly episodes, the podcast is organized in seasons that last all year round and try different formats and mechanics, possibly with proposals for writing exercises at the end of the episodes. About 20 minutes long, it brings important figures from the world literary market as guests.

  1. 88 Cups of Tea

In this weekly podcast that rarely exceeds an hour in length, Yin Chang interviews important authors and literary agents, focusing on the market for fantasy books, science fiction and stories for the young adult audience. The podcast discusses and unzips discussions that discuss topics such as facing rejections and obstacles, reading tips and providing recommendations, lifestyle patterns that help the heart and mind, what it takes to be alive when following an artistic path, and more.

  1. All the Books

This podcast is dedicated to the idea that book writing and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers. It all started with the intention of leading a new conversation about books, writers, and publications. Every single day, “they research to inspire their readers with innovative ideas and resources, advocate inclusiveness toward themselves and their group, and promote oppressed viewpoints “, says Tonya L. Priest, writer at Assignment Writing Service and Academized.

  1. Between the Covers

Tin House and KBOO 90.7FM community radio in Portland, Oregon, presents you with a literary radio and podcast program hosted by David Naimon. The Book Riot, the Guardian, BuzzFeed and Financial Times and have highlighted the lengthy, detailed conversations as one of the most notable book podcasts for writers.

  1. Book Fight!

This podcast revolves around writers talking about books. These are like conversations writers don’t have a bar, that is, they’re honestly inflexible and open to tangents, deviations in direction, coils generally. Every episode begins with a particular story, chosen by hosts Tom and Mike or their guests. The “books are used as a starting point for larger write and read discussions”, says Stephine D. Zamora, editor at PaperFellows and BigAssignments.

  1. KCRW Bookworm

A podcast for the serious reader, Bookworm introduces fiction and poetry authors, whether the existing, the recent or the evolving, all interviewed by Michael Silverblatt with expertise and precision. KCRW produces and organizes a rare combination of music-discovery, cultural exchange, and knowledgeable public relations content. They are powered by the Los Angeles spirit and deliver creative ways to diverse curious communities around the globe.

  1. Pseudopod

This is a podcast about horror fiction. The stories presented here are intended to be disturbing. They are likely to include death, graphic violence, overt sex (including sexual violence), hate crimes, blasphemy or other themes and images that adhere deeply to your psyche. They do not promise to give specific ratings or notices about content. This follows the philosophy that what you are hearing is because you want the entertainment to bother you.

A lot of people think that podcasts are like radio, but they’re not. Instead of having a certain time to air, the podcast can be heard whenever and wherever we want, such as on the internet or on streaming platforms. Many podcasts on literature, audiovisual and culture in general have specific episodes for writing. It is worth searching the feeds of your favorite programs in search of thematic episodes!

Beatrix Potter is a writer at Boomessays.com and UKwritings.com, as well as an online proofreader at Essayroo.com.  Beatrix writes for and about writers. She is the producer of digital entertainment, literary educator and award-winning writer from her Los Angeles, California foundation. Beatrix adds amateur archery and novel translation to her activities.


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