writing in the sciences

Advanced Academic Writing: Writing in the Sciences – February, 03, 2020

Registration for Advanced Academic Writing:  Writing in the Sciences course is open.

This class will focus on developing essential academic reading, writing, and public speaking skills primarily for graduate and post-graduate students and faculty.


Course start:   February 03, 2020

Duration: 9 weeks

Class time:      

Monday   17:00 – 20:15

Wednesday   17:00 – 20:15

Room: A – 306

Course Description:  Participants will develop reading, writing, and speaking skills needed to be successful in an academic and professional environment. A variety of materials will give the students the opportunity to analyze and comment on written examples, generate their own exercises, improve their own original work, and prepare academic presentations. The class is designed to meet the needs and demands placed on scholars and faculty to read, write, and present formal, academic material.


Students who wish to enroll in this intensive, 9-week course must demonstrate the following:

  • ability to write a research paper in their field of study
  • high level critical thinking skills to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and respond to complex texts
  • vocabulary knowledge and ability to pick up context clues to make inferences
  • understand the main ideas and details of complex academic listening sources
  • take organized notes on academic lectures
  • communicate accurately and fluently using effective presentation skills on academic topics and participate in active discussions

Objectives:  Participants will be able to:

  • Expand academic vocabulary to increase class participation and comprehension of academic texts at the graduate level.
  • Employ various reading and writing strategies to improve comprehension and expression for academic purposes at the graduate and post-graduate level.
  • Evaluate and produce clear, well-structured and complex academic texts individually and through collaboration with classmates.
  • Create and deliver presentations of academic material.
  • Use online and campus academic resources and support services.

Successful Completion:

Students will be awarded a 72-hour certificate of completion when they meet/fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete all writing assignments as scheduled on the syllabus (2 short article summaries; 1 ten-source annotated bibliography; and 1 short paper following the IMRaD structure)
  • Actively participate in classroom discussions and in Discussions on CANVAS (details will be provided in the syllabus)
  • Complete one audiovisual presentation using PowerPoint, Slides, Prezi, or any similar online presentation platform (details will be provided in the syllabus)
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance at or above 75% (keep in mind that we are required to meet twice a week—Monday and Tuesdays—from 17:00 to 20:15.

Instructor: Leticia Medina


Email: leticiamedinatx@gmail.com , medina.l@misis.ru

Leticia Medina is a doctoral fellow at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in Texas, where she has also been a Lecturer in the Writing Program and an instructor in the English for International Students (EIS) program. Leticia’s teaching experience encompasses instruction in academic writing as well as teaching World and British literature. Most recently, Leticia taught Advanced English for Academic Purposes to international PhD students from a number of foreign countries, including India, Iran, Bangladesh, México, Brazil, China, Russia, and Angola, among others.