How Improving Communication Skills Will Make You Better Writer

March 28, 2018
Communication is what makes us social beings. It’s an essential part of our everyday life and all our activities depend on the communication.Good communication skills are a part of being successful at work but unfortunately, some people find it hard to communicate at work. Lack of communication at work has become the number one reason why people quit because it promotes the feeling of doubt and uncertainty among the employees as well as may cost you your customers and business connections.

For a writer, communication is as important as for anyone else. Writer’s success heavily depends on the level of communication skills. Here are 3 reasons how improving communication skills will make you a better writer.

  1. Helping you build rapport

This is the first and the most obvious reason why you should work on your communication skills. Building rapport is the ability to establish strong, effective and healthy two-way connections. It’s the first minute of communication when you can make a good first impression, and the skills of building rapport can help you do it better.

Why is building rapport important for a writer? Rapport is basically a relationship built on mutual understanding. For a writer, the ability to reach mutual understanding and trust with clients or publishers is crucial, as these communications heavily influence a writer’s career.

  1. Developing listening skills

A good speaker should also be a good listener. And in business communication hearing your partners or employees out is important to build a trustworthy relationship in the company.

Writers should work on their listening skills even harder than anyone else. For an essay writer, for example, the quality and the success of an essay or a research paper depends on how the writer can listen to and understand the requirements the customer asks to use in the paper.

  1. Generating ideas

For a writer, communication can be very beneficial. Listening and talking to people can help a writer develop characters for a book or give ideas about the plot of a book.

Communication is a great idea generator. However, to get even more benefit from communication it’s also important to develop observation skills. Observation doesn’t necessarily have to be silent. While you can draw inspiration from watching people’s behavior while they’re talking to you, you can also study their reaction when they hear you talking.

Observation is a great booster of creativity but it also requires thinking critically. Work on your observation skills and you’ll see how noticing even the smallest things can help you become more creative.

Finalizing thoughts…

For a writer, communication skills are as important as writing skills. The way writers communicate with their clients and publishers is the foundation of their success. Communication is also a force for progress, helping you find the right connections that will greatly influence your career. Successful people are certain that they owe the half of their success to their ability to communicate.

Great writers draw inspiration from everywhere, and communication is an endless source of ideas. So to become a better writer you should make improving communication skills your priority.

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Nancy Spektor has sharpen her pencil at The Daily of the University of Washington. After graduation she decided to combine her business degree with her passion for written communication at www.college-paper.org. Nancy writes about marketing strategies, content management and various other topics that she finds intriguing. If she is not composing on her laptop or notebook, you probably can find her playing with her dog, Bok Choy.