How to Write an Essay Perfectly to Score Maximum Marks?

Students often find it difficult to score good marks in their essay because of the low level of understanding about important points in writing an essay. It requires good knowledge and understanding of academic processes in writing a perfect essay. There are so many points that need to be considered in order to make an essay perfect and ultimately in scoring good marks. An essay can be made perfect by following the given points:

Read the Requirements Twice:  This is the first and the most important point in writing a good essay. It is important to read the requirements of the essay again and again until it is clearer about what is required to be done. Many students wrongly interpret and understand the requirements, and ultimately they end up with poor marks in their essay. It is therefore important to understand what the question is asking to answer, and once this is clear, it can be possible to follow up for the next step.

Adequate Amount of Research Needed:  Many times the writer feels that he/she has a good level of knowledge and understanding of the topic. But this is not the good approach in writing an essay. Even if the writer has good knowledge about the topic, it is always wise to do an adequate amount of research before proceeding to write an essay. In the case of an academic essay, it is important to refer to academic journals and books so that a good view can be gained about other scholars’ opinion on the same topic. This not only enhances the knowledge of the writer but also provides a good source of reference in order to make the essay authentic.  However, it is important that academic sources should be researched which includes journal articles and academic books.

Follow Appropriate Essay Structure: Structure has a significant amount of importance in writing an essay. It is important to properly structure an essay into three main parts which include introduction, body, and conclusion. The structure simply does not mean to divide the entire paper into three important parts, but it requires a proper flow of information throughout the essay. The introduction needs to provide a complete view of the topic on which the essay is written, and must be efficient enough in attracting the attention of the reader. It needs to preach the information in a way that draws the attention of the reader and motivates him/her to read the entire essay. A brief introduction should be followed by a detailed explanation about the topic, and the points raised in the body needs to be properly cited and referenced in order to score maximum marks. The entire findings of the essay need to be briefed up in the conclusion section to conclude the essay.

Proper Referencing and Citations: Referencing is an important way of providing the sources that are utilized in writing an essay. It is highly important to reference the points written in an essay in order to avoid any academic misconduct. Plagiarism is a big issue in writing an academic essay, and this problem can be resolved significantly by way of properly referencing them. Each and every point raised in the essay should be properly referenced and cited so that it gives the professor a complete understanding from where the materials have been sourced. The issue of Plagiarism is a big issue with many students, and this problem is resolved to a certain extent by way of properly referencing and citing the entire essay. However, it is also important to follow the correct style of referencing as required as per essay requirements. This will also add positively to scoring better marks in an essay.

Check for Grammatical Issues: The final step in making a perfect essay is to check for grammatical errors. Essays can have a significant number of issues in terms of grammar mistake, incorrect sentence completion and many others. They have the potential to change the entire meaning of sentences, and it is, therefore, essential to make proper editing before submitting it to the university. Proper editing in the form of grammar check is important to perform, and this will add significantly to achieving maximum marks in the essay.

These are some of the important points which need to be given higher attention by a student while writing an essay. By efficiently addressing each and every point mentioned above, the chances of achieving higher marks in the essay increases significantly.

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