NLMK to Establish Scholarships for NUST MISIS`s Best Students

Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK), an international metallurgical steel company, will establish scholarships for NUST MISIS`s best students and expand the number of interns from the University at their enterprises.

NLMK and NUST MISIS have signed a general agreement on cooperation, which will facilitate the training of qualified metallurgy specialists and the improvement of the vocational education system. The terms of the agreement open up new opportunities for implementation of scientific and educational projects with participation of NUST MISIS`s students and professors. The expansion of the partnership between the University and NLMK provides joint participation in career guidance events, forums, career days, and round table discussions devoted to the industry’s topical issues.

“Our partnership with one of Russia`s oldest metallurgical universities is our contribution to the training of qualified specialists in the field of metallurgy. I am confident that this agreement will allow NLMK and NUST MISIS to make new use of their unique and complementary capabilities”, commented Mikhail Arkhipov, Vice President, HR & Management System at NLMK.

“NUST MISIS and NLMK has been cooperating for many years as part of joint research, educational and professional navigation projects. In 2017, NLMK became one of the University`s key partners in organizing project shifts at the Sirius Educational Center. In 2018, NLMK supported the all-Russian CUP MISIS CASE championship, which NUST MISIS traditionally organizes. Signing this cooperation agreement between NLMK and NUST MISIS will allow us to implement a lot of new projects in different fields of the University`s activities”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.