NUST MISIS Successfully Defends the Project 5-100 Roadmap

March 17, 2017
NUST MISIS presented the strategy of the University`s development at the meeting of The Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers. The strategy’s 2016 results, presented by NUST MISIS, received high praise from the Council`s experts.

According to Professor Harry Bhadeshia, Director of SKF Steel Technology Center at the University of Cambridge, and member of NUST MISIS ISAC, “thanks to the enormous hard work of the leadership and staff of NUST MISIS, the Ministry of Education International Council commended the University on its extraordinary progress. The advances made by NUST MISIS in terms of transparency in teaching and research together with its major international perspective were admired”.

In 2016, thanks to the implementation of integrated strategy development, NUST MISIS demonstrated impressive results in every field of its activities: research, educational, and extracurricular. Several large-scale research projects have been launched recently at the university, and the university has also seen impressive quantitative and qualitative growth in the number of its researchers appearing in scientific publications. For the last 3 years, the period spent participating in Project 5-100 so far, the number of world-class researchers working at NUST MISIS has increased by 7 times: from 10 to 70 people.

The University completed several extensive infrastructure projects by creating new state-of-the-art research laboratories, by completing the construction of the Center of Industrial Prototyping of High Complexity, and through the restoration of the NUST MISIS Commune House.

During its participation in Project 5-100, NUST MISIS has carried out two major unifications: in 2014 — with Moscow State Mining University, and in 2016 — with the Russian Quantum Center. Thanks to these activities, 10 science-research labs with 110 leading scientists working in them, joined NUST MISIS.

“NUST MISIS`s presentation made a strong impression because it showed diversified success in its education and research activities. Especially, I would like to acknowledge the university`s team: a close-knit and cohesive one, which is a fan of its work”, said Andrei Golutvin, head of the SHiP CERN project, and director of the Center for Infrastructure and Cooperation MegaScience NUST MISIS.

Objective reflection of NUST MISIS`s successful development is clear through the improvement of university`s positions in world education rankings. In 2016, among Russian universities, NUST MISIS showed the highest growth rates in the QS World University Rankings, rising by 100 positions.

“Ambitious goals and great challenges are facing NUST MISIS, and I am sure we can tackle both accordingly. NUST MISIS has everything to become one of the best technological universities not only in Russia, but in the world as well. This all became possible thanks to our development strategy, our highly professional staff, the talented students here, and also the development of science-education infrastructure and the support of the business community”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.