Pre-Conference Workshops at NUST MISiS

November 22, 2016
Pre-Conference workshops are highly individualized sessions. Workshops will take place on Thursday, November 24 at NUST MISiS.

Elena Bazanova, Director of Academic Writing Centre, NUST MISiS, Moscow
Bazanova (1)
Academic writing in English
Abstract: The workshop aims to develop an enhanced understanding of English written patterns, based on Anglo-American rhetorical conventions. The workshop will cover issues relating to writing strategies, style, hedging, clear meaning, organization, and choice of academic grammar and vocabulary. The workshop aims to equip faculty members, including EFL teachers, with a number of tips for effective writing and self-editing. The focus is on improving the ability to create a publishable paper appropriate for a peer-reviewed scholarly journal indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. Integrating Pronunciation into ESP/EAP/EMI Curriculum

Tatiana Skopintseva (PhD, Assistant Professor) is Chair of the Humanities and Languages Department at New Economic School in Moscow.
Abstract: Teaching pronunciation has been recently brought to the fore in ELT pedagogy because it plays an essential role in developing oral communication competence of a modern professional. However, some L1 pronunciation features transferred to English pronunciation cause most of intelligibility problems in oral communication and quite often lead to underestimating non-native speakers’ public speaking performance. The workshop will focus on the segmental and prosodic units which are crucial for overcoming the Russian-English phonological transfer. The workshop is designed for ELT professionals, curricular developers, subject lecturers and other scholars, and will offer the best practices gained during teaching English pronunciation and public speaking skills to Russian learners. The exercises will aim to illustrate how to fine-tune body and voice for speaking in public, how to use intonation meaningfully, and demonstrate how to use resources to best serve the learning goals and economize on time and effort.

Jonathan McFarland, Head of the Academic Writing Office, Sechenov Moscow State Medical University.
Irina Markovina, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Russia)
International Clinical Sessions – A New Way to Teach Professional Communication Skills Cross-Culturally

Abstract: The workshop will demonstrate the reproducible format and techniques using the educational format of international clinical sessions that can be applied to training intercultural communication skills in different professions. These sessions are held in a clinical setting, where health professionals discuss real patient cases debating them with their colleagues from other countries by means of video conference. A lead medical English linguist and a lead medical doctor head each participating team.

We will explain some of the training strategies that we have developed for the Spanish and Russian doctors. The participants will learn about and will be invited to discuss the following issues:

  • psycholinguistic comparative research on professional consciousness (e.g. business   consciousness, medical consciousness)
  • techniques to interactively teach specialist terminology
  • practical approaches to training cross-cultural professional communication skills
  • cooperation between a professional in the field and a linguist
  • practical ways to coaching about the differences between, and the importance of professional communication and social communication (i.e. networking in both settings).