Effective Researcher

5 weeks = 20 academic hours
The research course Effective Researcher represents the time saving techniques of a researcher during routine operations. The course shows tools of information processing which can be used in analyzing large volumes of scientific data with increased attention to key sources.


The course focuses on development of the following skills:
1) effective search for information;
2) gathering of information (methods of mass downloading of scientific articles);
3) processing of information and literature review structuring;
4) comments and notes on an article stored electronically;
5) writing of an article using IMRAD modules (or other types of structuring);
6) team work of researchers (co-authors);
7) forming of bibliography.

The given skills provide the ways to save time of the researcher during routine operations and are generally used for increasing the publication activity in high-ranking journals (Scopus and WoS).

The seminar is developed in the Universal scientific workshop of Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML), further in the text KIU (IEML).