Igor S. Golovin
National University of Science and Technology MISIS · Department of Physical Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals · Russia · Moscow

Fields of Research Interests
Anelasticity, mechanical spectroscopy, internal friction, mechanisms of relaxation in solids: crystals, ultrafine grained crystals, quasicrystals, hidamets, cellular metallic materials, intermetallics.

Igor A. Abrikosov
National University of Science and Technology MISIS · Russia · Moscow · Linköpings Universitet · Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) / Theoretical Physics (TEOFY)

Fields of Research Interests
The research area of Prof. Abrikosov covers a broad spectrum of fundamental problems within theoretical solid-state physics. This includes the development of efficient ab initio methods, their implementations in the form of robust computer codes, and the applications for the description and understanding of materials properties. The investigations are largely focused on electronic structure problems for condensed crystalline systems. The main goal of the research is to deepen a fundamental understanding of materials properties from the basic principles of quantum mechanics, and to deliver this knowledge to applied materials science, adjacent scientific disciplines, and to the industry.