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Advanced Academic Writing Course

Instructor: Leticia Medina

This class will focus on developing essential academic reading, writing, and public speaking skills primarily for graduate and post-graduate students and faculty. Participants will develop reading, writing, and speaking skills needed to be successful in an academic and professional environment. A variety of materials will give the students the opportunity to analyze and comment on written examples, generate their own exercises, improve their own original work, and prepare academic presentations. The class is designed to meet the needs and demands placed on scholars and faculty to read, write, and present formal, academic material.

This course has become for me a new impetus to learning English. My educational program involves writing scientific articles. So, I received a huge amount of useful information about specialized scientific journals, rules of clearance and submission of paper, how to avoid plagiarism, rephrase and summarizing my thoughts correctly and many other helpful tips and tricks. Furthermore, this course is not only for improving writing skills, it is also about communication. We discussed different topics with our teacher and other classmates. I can say that my speaking skills get better too. English is a universal language in scientific community. People who want to connect their life with science have to understanding researchers from different parts of the world.

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