The 5th NEICON International Conference «Electronic Resources for Research and Education: Development, Promotion and Use»

September 25, 2017
Main Goal of the Conference:
To define a role of Russian and foreign digital resources and services, their development and efficient use in realization of governmental policy aimed at increasing the level of Russian education and science, quality of Russian scholarly publications, development of the system of Russian periodicals and an increase in the Russian presence in a scope of the world scientific information.

The program for this event is available via the following link.

0940-1000 Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
Greetings and Opening Talk

State Projects and Programs on Information Support to Russian Science and Education (1000-1300)
Chair: Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

1000-1030 Yakov Shrayberg, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
Modern Publishing and Bookselling Trends in the Digital Information Environment.

1030-1100 Olga Kirillova, ASEP, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
New Project “Continuing Support for Scholarly Journals Development Programs Aimed at Including Them into International Scientometric Data Bases”: Goals and Perspectives

1100-1130 Oleg Utkin, Clarivate Analytics, Moscow, Russia
Clarivate Analytics: the First Year on the Market of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States

1130-1200 Cofee break

1200-1220 Sergey Paramonov, Clarivate Analytics, Moscow, Russia
State Project of National Subscription to Web of Science

1220-1240 Irina Razumova, NEICON, Moscow, Russia; Olga Moskaleva, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
What are the Benefits of State Subscription Projects. Complex Analysis and Future Prospects

1240-1300 Andrey Loktev, Elsevier, Moscow, Russia
Trends in Journal Publishing and Beyond — Elsevier Perspective

1300-1500 Lunch break

1500-1520 Exhibition Opening

Prospects and Developments of Infrastructure and Information Support of Russian Science (1520-1700)
Chair: Irina Razumova, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

1520-1540 Ivan Rudov, Pavel Zakharov, Nikita Pikov, Ruslan Baryshev, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Publication Activity Support in the Federal University

1540-1600 Olga Dudnikova, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Library Role in University Research and Publication Activity

1600-1620 Yury Chekhovich, Antiplagiat Company, Moscow, Russia
Plagiarism in Research Articles and Theses: Lost in Translation Detection

1620-1640 Cofee break

1640-1700 Aleksey Podchinenov, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Success Technology: International Journals Publishing in the Ural Federal University

1700-1720 Julia Romanova, Microbiology Independent Research Journal, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Main Problems in Development of a New Journal on Microbiology

1720-1740 Nikolay A. Mazov, Vadim N. Gureyev, Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, State Public Scientific Technological Library, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia; Nikolay E. Kalenov, Library for Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
RSCi: Some Aspects of Formation and Feasibility of Using

1800-1830 Welcome Party

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Conference hall

0830-0930 Side Event 
Master-class of Elena Bazanova «Editing of Research Paper Subject to Modern Rhetoric of Academic Language»


Scientometrics in Russia and Worldwide: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow — special event dedicated to the memory of Eugene Eli Garfield (0930-1305)
Chair: Vladimir Pislyakov, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow, Russia

0930-1015 Invited Speaker: Professor Henk F. Moed, Sapienza University of Rome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Applied evaluative informetrics: Its validity and usefulness

1015-1040 Valentina Markusova, Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI RAS), Moscow, Russia
Eugene Garfield Influence on Scientometrics in Russia

1040-1105 Vladimir Pislyakov, Andrey Lovakov, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow, Russia
Bibliometric Casino: Skewness of Citation Distributions and Authors as Gamblers

1105-1125 Victor Glukhov, Scientific Electronic Library, Moscow, Russia
Some New Principles in Citation Indices

1125-1145 Cofee break

1145-1205 Pavel Kasyanov, Clarivate Analytics, Moscow, Russia
Scientometrics in Research Management in Russia: Wishes and Reality

1205-1225 Galina Yakshonak, Elsevier, Moscow, Russia
Russian Prominent Topics

1225-1245 Valentin Bogorov, Clarivate Analytics, Moscow, Russia
Is Altmetric an Alternative? Comparative Analysis Citation Scores and Publications Use

1245-1305 Irina Razumova, NEICON, Moscow, Russia; Olga Moskaleva, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bibliometric and Scientometric Analysis of Subscribed Content with InCites Tools

1305-1500 Lunch break

“Speed Dating”. Live express communication conference attendees with publishers (1500-1830)
Moderator: Aleksey Skalaban, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

1500-1630 Speed Dating. 1st Round

1630-1650 Cofee break

1650-1830 Speed Dating. 2st Round

1830-2000 Side Event 
Special Event of Webpublishers Association and Consortium NEICON.
“Open Access in Russia: Practical Steps”
Moderators: Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia; Ivan Zasursky, Webpublishers Association, Moscow, Russia; Irina Razumova, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Conference hall

0830-1100 Side event
Master-Classes of Clarivate Analytics
“Web of Science — new Stage of Developmet” and “Analytics of InCites Platform”


Project of National Subscription: Interim Results and Further Developments, Problems and Solutions — special event of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, the operator of the national subscription project of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation (1100-1300)
Chair: Yakov Shrayberg, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

1100-1120 Galina Evstigneeva, Galina Krylova, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
Centralized/National Subscription to International Scholarly Data Bases within the Framework of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Projects. Main Events in 2017

1120-1140 Mikhail Goncharov, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
Open Archive Development in the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

1140-1200 Natalia Litvinova, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
Drawing with Figures: Statistic Portraits of Russian Institutions — Subscribers to E-Resources

1200-1220 Mikhail Shvartsman, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
Automation of E-Resources Usage Statistics Collection and Retrieval

1220-1240 Anna Trifonova, ProQuest, Berlin, Germany
The Demand for Foreign Dissertations and Theses in Russia: Usage Trends in 2016-2017

1240-1300 Elena Shukshina, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow, Russia
Acquisition of E-Books Title-by-Title in the Higher School of Economics

1300-1500 Lunch break

The time for ACCUER. Special event and group discussion panel (Russian resources and publishers) (1500-1900)
Moderators: Natela Kvelidze-Kuznetsova, ACUEER, Moscow, Russia и Svetlana Morozova, Herzen State Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

1500-1515 Natela Kvelidze-Kuznetsova, ACUEER, Moscow, Russia
ACCUER: Modern Activity Directions. Projects Realization Stages and Perspectives

1515-1530 Eugeniy Strukov, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia
ACCUER Search Engine — New Release

1530-1545 Yuriy Yelsky, Svetlana Shnurova, Lan Publishing, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Implementation of New Technological Solutions — a Basis for ELS Development

1545-1600 Arkadiy Khaliukov, Grebennikov Publishing House, Moscow, Russia
Electronic Educational Resources in Italy and Russia: Common Features and Main Diferencies

1600-1615 Konstantin Kostyuk, Direct-Media, Moscow, Russia
Development of E-Book Resources on the Current Educational Markets: Publishing Strategies and Trends

1615-1630 Piotr Berberov, INFRA-M, Moscow, Russia
2017 — Time for Summing up: New Challenges for Electronic Library Systems (Video record)

1630-1645 Anton Molchanov, “Polytechresource”, Moscow, Russia
From Electronic Resources to Electronic Publishing Houses

1645-1700 Alena Asaeva, Togliatti State University, Togliatti, Russia
Electronic Resources in University Library, or If the Future Exists for the Print Book?

1700-1730 Cofee break

1730-1745 Nina Avdeeva, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia
Russian State Library Electronic Resources — Inspiring Research and Education

1745-1800 Polina Kolykhalova, Novy Disk, Moscow, Russia
University Distance Learning Perspectives in the Light of Russian Ministry of Education and Science Initiatives within the State Program “Education Development” for 2013-2020

1800-1815 Valeriya Vasilyeva, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, St. Petersburg, Russia
Library & ELS — Situation Zugzwang

1815-1830 Svetlana Morozova, Herzen State Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Subscription to ELS in Universities: Assessment by the Service for Calculating Book-per-Student Coefcient

1830-1840 Anastasiya Aidakova, INFRA-M, Moscow, Russia
ELS Project “” Evolution: Current Situation Analysis and Future Perspectives

1840-1850 Konstantin Kostyuk, Direct-Media, Moscow, Russia
Direct-Media Publishing Projects: 15 Years Between Digital and Print

1850-1900 Summing up. Questions & Answers. Discussion.

Friday, September 29, 2017
Conference hall

University Libraries Today (0930-1115)
Chair: Ekaterina Polnikova, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

0930-0950 Ekaterina Polnikova, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Diversity of Uniqueness, or Eighteen Years with Electronic Resources

0950-1010 Eugeniy Strukov, Nailya Plotnikova, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia
University Digital Library Development: a Low-Cost Version

1010-1030 Marina Plokhikh, Elena Raspletina, Julia Mihailova, Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Libraries in Top-100 Program, or Three Years before…

1030-1050 Marina Terekhova, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia
Library Campus: Library Role in University Strategic Development Projects

1050-1110 Natalia Meshechak, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia; Alexander Karaush, Tomsk Municipal Library System, Tomsk, Russia
Web Calendar of Important Dates as a Promotion Tool for Library Resources

1110-1130 Cofee break

Open Access. New Stage of Development (1130-1240)
Chair: Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

1130-1150 Ivan Zasursky, Webpublihers Association, Moscow, Russia
How to Broaden “Knowledge Space” and Fill it with Content: Key Goals and the Most Important Steps

1150-1210 Nataliia Trishchenko, Webpublihers Association, Moscow, Russia
Open Access in Russia: Current Status and Perspectives

1210-1230 Aleksey Skalaban, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
It’s a Must for Every Librarian to Know! How Sci-Hub Causes Damage to you

Encore! And Conference Closing (1230-1400)
Chair: Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia

1230-1250 Arkadiy Khaliukov, Grebennikov Publishing House, Moscow, Russia; Vasiliy Pislyakov, Gymnasium #1, Zheleznodorozhnyi, Moscow Region, Russia
Segui I tuoi sogni (Follow your Dream). Expert Opinions: Marco Polo, Antonio Vivaldi, and Giacomo Casanova on the Modern ER Market

1250-1400 Alexander Kuznetsov, NEICON, Moscow, Russia
Dolphins of Business

1400-1500 Lunch

1300-1500 Closing event

Poster Session
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 

Valentina Tsvetkova, Library for Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Bibliometric Parameters, Publication Activity, and Scholarly Monographs

Anastasiya Aidakova, INFRA-M, Moscow, Russia
Research and Information Needs in Universities, Problems and Possible Solutions

Ivan Zasursky, Webpublihers Association, Moscow, Russia
Noosphere Infrastructure: Directions of Development


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