Wiley webinar series


Dear Colleagues!

Publishing house Wiley is pleased to invite researchers and authors, lecturers, graduate, and undergraduate students, and librarians to participate in the fall webinar series. Register for interesting sessions to participate in webinars or access their presentations’ records and slides.

How to write a research article in English
Tuesday, on 12th October, 11:00 (GMT+3)
– Writing annotations and titles
– Questions of grammar and style
– Effective use of keywords
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Online resources and tools to help researchers
Tuesday, on 12th October, 14:00 (GMT+3)
– Services for editing research content
– Automated search engines for a publication-appropriate journal
– Services for translation and pre-publication preparation of articles
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Wiley Science Resources for Research and Teaching
Wednesday, on 13th October, 11:00 (GMT+3)
– Where to find reliable scientific resources needed for the educational process?
– How to download articles, chapters, and full books, how to cite and share links?
– How to make it easier to work with text in English?
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How to configure remote access to full-text Wiley resources
Wednesday, on 13th October, 14:00 (GMT+3)
– Options for remote access to research resources
– How to set up remote access to Wiley resources
– Opportunities to search for scientific information on the platform
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Best regards, ASEP

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