Wiley Workshop: How to Publish Papers in High-Rating Journals and Make Them Quoted? (19 March, 2019), NUST MISiS

This event will take place at National University of Science and Technology MISIS: Moscow, Leninsky pr., 4. Publication of research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals is one of the most pressing problems in science today. At the same time, the number of publications of Mongolian scientists in international journals still lags behind world figures, as well as citations.


Often the reason for this is the lack of skills or experience in writing articles or no balanced approach to the publication strategy. A brand – or reputation – of a scientist is the result of a systematic approach to creating their image in the scientific community. At the same time, the key skill of a modern scientist is the ability to competently and effectively communicate the results of their research in publications and talks. The workshop will cover the main issues of scientific communication, including aspects of writing scientific articles and interaction with the editors of scientific journals based on Wiley publishing experience.

Duration: 2 h.

Participants will be able to receive certificates at the end of the workshop.

S. Paramonov
S. Paramonov


DrSergey Paramonov

Senior Account Manager Wiley in Russia and CIS