5th International Conference on ESP/EAP/EMI in the Context of Higher Education Internationalization

for-banner-2018-EAP-5-1The Jubilee Conference 2018 organized by National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” and Cambridge University Press embraces the challenges of the future technologies, involves new dynamic audiences and welcomes language experts from various fields. 

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Language acquisition and language teaching have always been in the vanguard of education systems as language is the first phenomenon to be learned by a human being. Hence, there is a huge variety of disciplines, and not only in the Humanities, deciphering the complexity of language. Our conference aims at bringing some of the disciplines together as there is some lack of integration of scientific findings in relation to the practical work of teachers.

This year’s special feature of the forum is to discuss cognitive mechanisms impact on language and communication education and research. We call for talks and posters which may relate to the following aspects of cognitive sciences, teaching practices and English and Russian languages broadly and invite speakers to submit to one of the sections below:
– Cognitive Mechanisms for Enhanced Language Teaching
– The Future of ESP /EAP/ EMI in Higher Education Setting