About Us


The Academic Writing Center was created in March 2015 to contribute to the implementation of Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 whose aim is to increase NUST MISiS international competitiveness within the global sphere of science and education. According to NUST MISiS Roadmap of Strategic Initiatives, the Center has been tasked to establish a portfolio of the university programs and intellectual products ensuring international competitiveness.

Animated presentation of the main Academic Writing University Center’s activities.

The Academic Writing Center helps PhD students and junior researchers reach their full potential and gain effective writing skills needed to continue professional development through their academic lives.

We believe that writing is a powerful tool not only for communicating ideas but also for discovering new ones.

We are committed to three key practices:

  • Give intensive courses in English academic writing tailored to the needs of NUST MISiS junior researchers so that they could get published in the most prestigious international journals, build working relations with other scholars overseas and succeed in raising funds for their research.

  • Make ourselves available and accessible through in-person consulting and web-conferencing as well as workshops and lectures on academic writing and speaking.

  • Provide systematic training for tutors who are devoted to the success of PhD students and junior researchers to enable them to compete for limited journal space with native speakers from some of the best universities in the English-speaking world.