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Effective Tips for Writing Flawless Essays

July 03, 2018
Writing an essay is often a task that the students do not generally look forward to. It makes them anxious and dreadful. For them, the task is difficult whether it is for scholarship, a contest or for a class. For every student, it is very important to score high grades to improve his/her academic results. Whenever a student sees some writing task coming his way, a shiver runs down his spine which makes him feel troublesome as they don’t have the necessary experience.

While writing an essay, there are several goals that need to be accomplished like your thoughts and ideas should reach the readers clearly, you should be able to grab their attention and they should be able to understand your point of view.

Before writing an essay, you should know the structure of writing, how to convey your thoughts and ideas, what should be the length of it, etc.

Following are some of the tips that would help you in writing flawless essays:


Sometimes you are assigned with a topic and sometimes you are given supremacy to choose the topic of your choice. In both the situations, you have to think differently.

  • If the topic is not assigned: In this situation, you can choose a subject or topic that you find relevant or interesting. After selecting the topic, you should define the purpose of it that whether you want to write an informational essay or a persuading one. After that start your research and start evaluating it but always make sure that whatever you are writing, is of your interests.
  • If the topic is assigned: Think about whether you want to concentrate on the general overview of the topic or the definite one.

Reading other people’s essay help you in molding your writing style. Focus on a wide variety of topics and subjects and not merely on what you are studying. While you read the essays always focus on the following points:

  • What do you like the most in the essay?
  • What thing didn’t attract you?
  • How influential do you think the author is?
  • Are the points sufficiently supported with evidence?

All these points will help you in writing the best and picking up some techniques to write a stable and sensible piece.


Organize your thoughts and ideas by taking into account what’s going on in your mind and put it on paper. It will help you in seeing the links between your thoughts in a clearer manner. To create a framework, the first step is to write your topic on a paper and write 3-4 lines about it. At the end of these lines, jot down the main ideas. It will help you in writing an organized essay.


To express exactly what your ideas and thoughts are, you need to have a good vocabulary. You can attract readers by using long, confusing and pointless points. Effective use of words is a distinctive feature of all good essays.

To let your ideas, reach the audience in an appropriate manner, effective and accurate use of vocabulary plays a vital role. You should be continuously working on shaping your vocabulary. Try to learn new words which will help you in displaying your intellectual and to get more persuasive in writing. Some of the tips to build your vocabulary are:

  • To learn new words, refer to a dictionary
  • Read different types of fiction and non- fiction topics.
  • Make use of Thesaurus for learning synonyms and antonyms of different words.
  • Start writing new words in a notepad along with their meanings.

Sometimes you may found the work of another author interesting and want to use it in your own essay but don’t forget to quote it in a different and correct way. If you are likely to copy it for which you don’t have the permission, you may suffer from various problems related to plagiarism.


The structure of your sentences displays your level of intelligence. The most important thing that you need to take care of is that the readers are able to understand your writing easily. Do not use too long and complicated words which are difficult to understand and read. Punctuation plays a vital role in conveying your ideas and thoughts convincingly.

Secondly, the tone of voice that you use in writing essays should be engaging and interesting. You don’t have to display boring context as it will not attract more readers. Showcase a confident tone of voice so that the reader gets to know what are you exactly talking about. To give your writing more proximity, writing in active voice can help a lot. You will soon realize that it makes a huge difference to your tone.


Before considering that your essay is finished now, give it a look and pay attention to small details like:

  • Always remember to keep your stronger points and the examples related to it at the first and the last paragraphs.
  • Make sure that the paragraphs are arranged in an exact order.
  • Review the guidelines for writing an essay, if given.
  • Follow the process of rereading your writing to see whether it makes sense or not.
  • At last look for grammatical and spelling errors.

Essay writing helps you to grow and learn more. Let yourself learn from your writing and follow the above-mentioned tips to write flawless essays.

Hope you will find these tips effective and helpful that will take your essay writing to a whole new level.

AUTHOR BIO: I’m Jessica Gross. I read and write every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business, and lifestyle. Also, I have been working as an academic consultant for Australian assignment help for more than a decade. You can catch me on Twitter Jessica.