How do Academic Challenges Evolve throughout a Student’s Career?

The journey of a student from kindergarten to university is no less than a Hollywood movie. There are crisis, success, failure and even joy – which make the academic career of a student worth cherishing. However, there are challenges in every step that make the journey miserable for the students at times.

As a matter of fact, a student encounters different sets of challenges as he/she proceeds through his/her academic journey.

  1.   Kindergarten and elementary school:

Kindergarten, as we all know, is the very beginning of a student’s academic career. The pressure is comparatively less during the kindergarten and elementary school days. However, the academic curriculum seems a lot complex for the students during that age as they face these following challenges.

  •         Difficulty in apprehending the process of education:

Given the age of the students, some of the education processes – like attending school every day, learning new information and skills in the class, and solving homework, often seem too much to handle. As they grow up, they start to get used to the routine

  •         Confusion:

Since all the lessons are presented to the kindergarteners for the first time, they often get confused over these issues. The students in elementary schools are also very new to the curriculum. So expecting them to understand everything can be too much to ask.

  •         Inadequate practical knowledge:

Having next to zero practical knowledge about the world makes it difficult for these students to connect the lessons to the real-world application. As they start to gain practical knowledge from the world, their understanding develops.

  1.   Middle school:

By the time a student moves to middle school, he/she gets used to with the education system. However, he/she encounters new challenges in this part of his/her academic career.

  •         Overwhelming workload:

In middle school, the students are assigned with more homework than earlier. With time, they get comfortable with the academic pressure, but in the beginning, it causes them a lot of trouble.

  •         Inadequate problem-solving skills:

Even though the students develop a better understanding of the lessons in middle schools, they still lack adequate problem-solving skills. If a student does not work on this issue, this issue can create a problem for him/her in later part of the academic career as well.

  •         Technological distraction:

The students in the middle schools are also quite vulnerable to the distractions caused by technology. Now that they have access to laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices, they are often found distracted when they should be studying.

  1.   High school:

High school is a fun place to be. However, it also brings a different set of challenges for the students. In fact, this is the stage where students start to avail online assignment help, as they can no longer handle the academic pressure all by themselves.

  •         Fear of plagiarism:

It is not that plagiarism is entertained in other stages of a student’s academic career. But this is the phase where the students start to face the problem up close. Since they now get to solve a higher number of assignments, they often end up using online sources without citing the sources in the paper. Thus, the thought of having traces of plagiarism keeps poking their mind all the time.

  •         Peer pressure:

While the high school students have the pressure of landing in a better college in the next year, the competition among the students makes the academic life more challenging for them. It can not only affect their mind but also have a toll on their health.

  •         Lesser access to enough resources:

The high school students are also assigned to the tasks to prepare insightful assignments. However, they hardly have any idea about where to find necessary information or which tool to use to solve the assignment. This is why a lot of them end up looking on the internet for “My Assignment help”.

  1.   College and university:

The college life is often seen as the most happening phase of a student’s academic career. And why wouldn’t it be? The students are usually 18+ when they enter the college, which explains why they focus more on other things than their studies. That also leads to these following challenges that they face in their academic career.

  •         Time crunch:

Since the college students remain involved in extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs and social gatherings, they rarely get any time for their due essays and assignments. Hiring an essay typer can solve the issue temporarily, but that’s not a permanent fix for the problem.

  •         Distractions:

As mentioned, students get involved in a lot of things as they move to college. And even though those students try to focus on their studies, they find it hard to concentrate as they get too distracted by the things they are involved in.

  •         The pressure of landing a job:

While the aforementioned challenges keep on making the academic life more challenging for the students, there’s another issue that puts more pressure on them. Worries regarding life after college are one of the major issues that mess with the mind of a student, and it reflects on their academic performance.

As it appears, academic challenges are an inseparable part of a student’s academic career. No matter which phases a student is at, he/she will always face certain challenges that can either help him/her get better at studies or affect his/her academic career negatively.


by: Ammie Jackson