How to Prepare for Government Jobs alongside Graduation?

College life is indeed the best part of one’s life. University campus, housing and weekends; there is a lot to rejoice with friends. It is sad, however, that a majority of the students are so much busy enjoying with their friends that they don’t bother about their career until the last year or semester.  Everyone has a dream job but no one cares about the effort which is to be made for realizing those dreams.

It is while you are in college, the time is right to focus on your career as the efforts you put in at this time ultimately decide your future.

When it comes to deciding a perfect job, everyone has a single answer which is indeed the “Government Job”.

What makes government jobs a great choice?

We all know that a person having a government job has full job security over the ones having a private job. Other benefits include guaranteed monthly salary, performance bonus, annual appraisals irrespective of performance, free allowances, holiday homes, free medical facilities, government flats etc. Moreover, all the government officers have a great social adaptability.

Why must you start preparing for government jobs right from your graduation days?

  1. Early Bird Catches the Worm

If you start now, then by the end of your graduation you would be fully prepared to give the competitive exams. You won’t have to waste a full year for preparation.

  1. Plenty of time

Many would agree that the study pressure in colleges is not overwhelming. So, all in all you have plenty of time for your preparation. Moreover, you will have a good flow and can have a better time management while studying in college.

  1. Personality

You need to work over your personality development right from the first year of graduation. It takes several years for an individual to attain an attractive and charming personality. You will understand in the later phase of life that how personality affects your career.

  1. Environment

The ambiance of the college is always encouraging and motivating. You have a lot of study options as well as you can refer to extra books from the library or you can consult an expert in case you are facing any problem in your preparation.

What are the preparations you need to make?

As discussed already, you should work over your personality. Other areas include your general awareness, aptitude, and academics.  You can join any coaching class for personality development. For general awareness, you need to inculcate the reading habit on a daily basis. For academics and aptitude building, you need to study from books and practice a lot.

How to prepare during graduation?

Now let’s come to the crust of this blog which is how to prepare for a government job alongside graduation. Even if you are good at academics but lack communication skills, then your chances of converting an interview become weak. Let us, therefore, discuss how you can make the best of your college life to get your dream job.

1.     Hostel

Hostel life teaches you humility and teamwork. Here you learn how to adjust to your colleagues, seniors, and teachers. Whenever you are in some problem, you approach your senior who is always there to help you.

2.     Career Identification

It’s high time that you must decide, what you want to become. Don’t get influenced by the choices made by others, create your own road.  You need to plan your studies in a strategic way. Your scores will help you in identifying your favorite areas such as if you are good at mathematics, then you can plan to pursue Master’s Degree or a research scholar in the field of Mathematics in any of the prestigious universities.

Also, taking leads in the classroom help you in developing your leadership qualities.

3.     Collect study material

You must know the syllabus before preparing for an exam. Study the last year’s question papers to get an idea about the pattern. Everything is available online. You don’t have to buy any books or papers, just download the study material of the exam you are preparing for.

If you do not wish to study from the internet, you can take help from your college library. Spending 1-2 hours daily in the college library will help in boosting your knowledge level.  Even if a book is unavailable, you can ask the librarian to purchase a copy for you.

4.     Time management

In college, you can easily cope up with the pressure of studies. Also, the grasping power is much more in college rather than when you prepare after leaving college. A better time management will effectively help in channelizing your efforts in the right direction.

Winding Up

College Life is a must for everyone to experience. But on the other hand, a student must be clear that life isn’t about fun and enjoyment only.

“A stitch in time save nine”, is a perfect quote that summarizes what the post has to say.

Sania Gupta
The Chief Blogger @MSD 
The Chief-Writing-Monkey