Improve your academic writing skills

13 January, 2016
Academic Writing University Center is now offering PhD students, junior researchers, and teaching staff to participate in a basic “Academic Writing Course”, which starts on January 25.
The classes are free and held each Thursday.
Registration is closed.
The classes start at 18:30 and finish at 21:00 in lecture room G-589.
40 academic hours.
“Academic Writing” is a short but comprehensive course on the process of writing scientific articles in English. Participants will enhance their language competence, will acquire knowledge about the basic concepts of academic writing, and learn best how  to prepare a scientific paper for publication in an international journal.

The course lasts 40 academic hours and comprises 10 major topics:
1. Contrastive Rhetoric
2. Writing Strategies
3. Preparing the Text (IMRAD format)
– how to write the Introduction
– how to write the Materials & Methods section
– how to write the Results
– how to write the Discussion
4. Writing an Abstract and a working title
5. Avoiding plagiarism
6. Editing your own paper
– the ten commandments of good writing
– tense in scientific writing
– active versus passive voice
– noun problems
7. Journal analysis: analyzing journals for elimination and submission
8. Creating a publishable paper
9. Publishing the paper
10. Ethics in Science