The Power of Argumentation

December 2, 2017
How do competent research writers defend their standpoint in a scientific discussion? And how do they make strategic use of language to prove their findings? Researchers need to find evidence that even the slightest difference in the formulation of an argument can evoke a different effect on the reader. Research writers can ‘construe’ or ‘frame’ the same concept in various ways, and these choices have rhetorical consequences.The workshop will be of interest for all those concerned not only in research writing per se but also in strategies for effective writing on the basis of sound arguments.

Tutor:  Elena Bazanova, PhD in Education, Director of Academic Writing Office at the National University of Research and Technology “MISiS”. Over the past ten years, she has specialized in the sphere of teaching English for Specific Academic Purposes. Elena is the author of the COURSERA Specialization English for Research Publication Purposes, which contains four MOOCs: Academic Literacy, ScholarlyCommunication, Grant Proposal, and Technical Writing.
Dr Bazanova is the author of about 40 publications, including 17 coursebooks, among which there is a two-volume English language book Breakthrough that won the All-Russia competition in the nomination: “The best TESOL textbook for nonlinguistic universities.”

Time:  December 21, Thursday, 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Location: Myasnitskaya, 13, building 4, Room 306