III Academic Writing Conference

III Academic Writing Conference

Research Writing: Teaching Approaches and Assessment Practice
October 30, 2021 http://nwcc-conference.ru/
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ABOUT NWCC Conference
For an English for Research Publication Purposes (ERPP) course to obtain true accreditation, language professionals must have a framework of core competencies, knowledge of academic practice in terms of academic literacy, academic discourse, and disciplinary differences. Although the ERPP language professionals are becoming increasingly confident in using different approaches to teaching research writing, however assessment of the written product still poses very many problems, mostly connected with research content.
Therefore, many academic staff in the wider university community are concerned that ERPP programs should balance teaching academic language and introducing subject matter that is likely to be different in different research fields. In view of the issues mentioned above, the questions arise: who teaches research writing, who should teach it, and how achievement should be assessed.

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