Introductory Academic Writing (Short Course)

Instructor: Elena Bazanova
Overall evaluation of the consultations – 9.7 out of 10
Overall evaluation of the consultant – 9.8 out of 10

Motivates and pulls students into the interactive learning process.
Peter Straumal
Seniour Researcher
Laboratory “Hybrid Nanostructured Materials”

The whole course was well organized. Throughout the course we keep in mind the main purpose – learn how to write articles in English in proper way. A fresh look at language helped me to avoid the fear write something wrong and has increased confidence. The whole lesson was well organized – a well-structured handouts, task in a playful way and constant contact with the audience.
Our group has a different language level, though the instructor was able to find an individual approach to each student. Despite that, the course is located at the intersection of science and language, Elena Mikhailovna has found a convenient balance.
We got motivated to write articles In English, a clear view on the article’s structure, the right vocabulary and grammar rules for each article’s section, skills to write according to the rules of academic writing.
Natalya Shulga
Materials Science Of Semiconductors And Dielectrics

I had some difficulties when filled in this questionnaire. Almost all of my marks were “excellent” that seemed strange for me. I’ve been involving in T&D for many years and it’s second time in my professional life I can give a completely excellent appraisal to the course and instructor. Few people can provide an effective class to a group of people with different level of knowledge. Ms Bazanova is that kind of instructor. She organized the process when everybody was involved and all questions answered. Elena is result-oriented professional and all her efforts were dedicated to help us do better writing. She explained many important details concerning each part of the academic article. Elena gave us an understanding of different view points and requirements: an editor and a reader as well. Elena motivates and inspires her students by her attitude to them, to the process and to the result at the same time. She is involved in your writing process and truly interested in your result as it would be her own one. The course and the instructor are absolutely unique. I’d recommend this course to everybody who indends to publish an article in a high-rank magazine.
Olga Velikaya
Deputy to the Head of “5-100″ Project Office

I would like to thank our instructor for her helpful discussions and guidance.
Olga Rybalchenko
Scientific Associate
Laboratory of Hybrid Nanostructured Materials