Scientific Speaking Course

Instructor: Elena Bazanova
Overall evaluation of the consultations – 9.7 out of 10
Overall evaluation of the consultant – 9.8 out of 10

Communication in English, provocation of the audience, jokes, stories. Usefulness of the course.
Andrey Novitskiy
Department of Functional Nanosystems and High-Temperature Materials

This was a wonderful class. I think that the discussion mistakes of our speeches were the most effective tool
that I’ve ever had in a class for forcing me to improve my skills .
In addition, the instructor really fostered a good community amongst students. From my point of you, it was one of the most interesting course I have ever taken.The instructor really demonstrated concern about whether students were learning. Besides, she was very available to meet and go over
concerns, questions, and research topics outside of class. Frankly speaking, she learnt us to express our thoughts and opinions in english.
Lyudmila Shchukina
PhD student
Metallurgy of Steel and Ferroalloys

Respected Bazanova Elena Mikhaylovna. Thank you for the course! I wish you success! And the good students!
Angelika Sklayrenko
University lecturer

I’m sincerely grateful for your bright and interesting course. I have really got a new and useful information. I want to thank Elena Bazanova for the opportunity to pick up the basics of an effective conversational communication.
Elena Komarnitskaya
Associate Professor
Material Science of Semiconductors and Dielectrics

I like that this Course is only in English. Topics for conversation are very various. There are lots of opportunities for practice. Thank you very much!
Anna Kozlova
Interdepartmental Educational Testing Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials and Dielectrics
“Crystals and Stocks on their basis NUST “MISIS“”

I would like to say three point about that: First, it is always useful to practice speaking english especially with such an interesting topic. Second, I feel like I do not afraid anymore of public speaking. And third, I really like this “three main poin concept”. So, thank you so much!
Nadezda Shatrova
Engineer, Teaching Assistant
Functional Nanonsystems and High Temperature Materials