Science Communications

8 April 2015
One-day seminar dedicated to the Science Communications

The seminar was focused on Science Communications – direction of the social interaction of scientists in the information field, which only starts to develop in our country.

Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs Timothy E. O’Connor has opened the meeting.

Alexey Payevskiy – chief editor “For the Glory of Science” journal and newspaper, author of several thousand articles, well-known science journalist, lecturer at the Russian Geographical Society and promoter of the project “RusHydro”, member of the project “Communication Laboratory,” won the National Award “Silver Archer” in 2015.

The seminar was about how can Russian scientists use social networks to increase their publicity and discursive visibility.

Alexey analyzed the process of successful interaction between the author of scientific papers with internal and external PR-university research tools – from websites, blogs and social networks as effective ways to self-promotion of the modern scientist. In details he described what the Science Communications constitutes.

Were discussed topical issues tracking publication activity of employees of the university and its use in communication.

Also Alexey talked about the difficulties that researchers may face during their work, and in general – of the difficulties which may face people who have decided to bound their lives with science.