Springer Workshop

on April 17, 2015
Workshop for authors of articles in the western scientific publishing
Main points of the workshop were:
– selection of the journal for publication
– quality criteria of article
– technical, stylistic and substantive requirements for scientific article
– requirements for annotations- editorial process and processing times and placing publications
– co-authorship
– rejected articles
– how to use the guide for authors on the site
– how to improve the chances of articles for publication

The workshop was held by Dr. Alexis Vizcaino, editor of SPRINGER, in English.

The purpose of the seminar was to introduce Russian authors with the recommendations and requirements of the presents articles, and increase chances for their publication in the Western scientific journals.
The seminar focused on researchers, professors and graduate students aimed at improving performance of citation and reflection of their publications in analytical systems SCOPUS and WoS.
At the seminar authors were able to ask questions directly to the editor of a prestigious scientific publishing house, make a decision on publication or rejection of the article and got answers and comments directly in the auditorium.
Springer workshop for authors at NUST MIS&S

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino, editor of SPRINGER speaks on how to select a journal for getting your article published, quality criteria and Springer requirements for scientific publications.