• Cheery greetings!
    Cheery greetings!
    Cheery greetings!  Welcome to our new online courses: Teaching Genre in the Writing Center and Developing Course Materials for a Distance Course on Scientific Writing.  It is now time to closely follow the latest developments in the teaching English for academic purposes.
  • COVID-19 Free educational Resources
    COVID-19 Free educational Resources
    COVID-19 Free educational ResourcesDid the quarantine take you by surprise? Don't worry! Especially for you, we have compiled a selection of educational portals that provide free access to their services during the quarantine period so that you can spend this time usefully. Here you can find recommendations for distance learning:
  • Days of Science at NUST MISiS
    Days of Science at NUST MISiS
    Days of Science at NUST MISiSAs part of the 75th anniversary of Days of Science, NUST MISIS launched a large-scale project: “The School of Young Scientists.” During the project, meetings were held with the Directors of Institutes aimed at familiarizing themselves with the capabilities of laboratories and centers. Academic mobility programs implemented by the University were also presented.
Academic Stuff, News, NUST MISiSmarkus-winkler-7EwWeNyzSwQ-unsplash How Screenwriters Can Handle Rejection

Let’s face it: Rejection is a part of life, and there’s no way you can escape it, no matter how old you are. And for screenwriters, rejection can be crippling at times.

Countless screenwriters want to turn their scripts into movies and TV shows; they want to make a living by writing and selling scripts. So, with the expectation of putting scripts to film, they begin to realize that there tends to be only a few slots for Hollywood to fill. And, with a few slots to fill, screenwriters will become fearful of rejection.

But why?

As we explore this mental health issue a bit further, we’ll also discover how screenwriters can combat these negative feelings of sending a script out only to be rejected. And although rejection can hurt at first, we hope that writers can find it in their hearts to cope with the possibility of rejection and learn from their experience.

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Academic Stuff, News, NUST MISiShannah-grace-j9JoYpaJH3A-unsplash (1) 5 Tips to Write Correct and Easy to Perceive

Writing correctly and clearly is an important part of learning basic professional skills that you can later use anywhere. If you are not easily understood by your reader, it will be quite hard for you to establish an online presence or build any online relationships. However, in this era where the online environment is taking over, writing effectively is one of the biggest assets you could develop. From writing e-mails to official letters or even essays, you should be preparing yourself for what is to come. Here is a guide on how to write correctly and efficiently and how to improve yourself on this subject.

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Academic Stuff, News, NUST MISiSjoyce-mccown-IRab-xctj0I-unsplash (2) How to Write Without Muse?

Writer’s block is one of the greatest challenges that most writers around the world face. It doesn’t matter if you write blog posts or American Novels. Writer’s block not only lowers your self-confidence but also steals your writing motivation. So, how do you write when it’s so hard to get going? In this article, we are going to share with you a few simple tips that will help you keep on keeping on. But first, let’s find out what a muse is.

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Academic Stuff, News, NUST MISiS Rich and Concise: How to Tell More Using Fewer Words

Faced with delivering a certain number of words for a project can be challenging. Often, the immediate response is to fill the word count up with fluff. Places like free educational resources can help you overcome this urge, and deliver a paper or article that is worth the read. Continue reading

Academic Stuff, Consortium, Global News, Newslogo 2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention

Are You Ready for a Dynamic 2020 Virtual Convention Experience?
The 2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention will provide exciting opportunities to bring the NCTE community together to engage in dynamic professional development programming, discover ways to connect, and network with other educators. We’ll feature 76 live, 56 scheduled, and 266 on-demand sessions—and if you miss one you can still access it for 60 days afterwards.

You’ll have a front-row seat for our General Sessions, Keynote Speakers, and Luncheon Presentations, including Trevor Noah, who will be kicking off the Opening General Session on Thursday, November 19, in “A Conversation with Trevor Noah.”

You’ll discover opportunities to customize your professional development and hear from fabulous authors, poets, and leaders whose work serves to support and motivate teachers across the country. In addition, our virtual exhibit hall lets you visit booths, see demos, enter giveaways, and experience live events with prominent authors. We’ll also provide inspiration for building classroom libraries with Build Your Stack®—unique sessions where authors and educators talk about using their favorite books in class.

Don’t delay—early bird registration ends October 31. Learn more and register for #NCTE20 today!

Presenter Tips & Office Hours: To prepare for the Virtual Convention, please see our updated Presenter Tips. We’ll also be holding office hours at four different times to give you a chance to ask us questions about the Convention and your presentation. We do need to know who is presenting, so please email to accept or decline your invitation no later than 8:00 a.m. ET, Monday, October 19.

Academic Stuff, Consortium, Global News, Newschris-montgomery-smgTvepind4-unsplash (1) ReVision & ReForm: Teaching Writing Across Borders

Dear colleagues,

We’re excited to invite you to the (long-awaited, once postponed, and now finally happening!) Virtual International Symposium, ReVision & ReForm: Teaching Writing Across Borders hosted by the Expository Writing Program at New York University. The event is free and open to all.

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Global News, Newsmarkus-spiske-2G8mnFvH8xk-unsplash (1) Writing, Publishing and Marketing in 2020

Publishing houses traditionally published books but today, authors take on this responsibility themselves. They use their visibility on social media platforms, connections with other authors and the relationship with media outlets to reach their target audience of potential readers.

The level of their influence and reach affects how many books they are able to sell. This is not to say that quality does not play an important role too. In 2020, book publishing and marketing lives largely online and interviews, podcasts, webinars and workshops are all proving to be viable alternatives to the traditional book launch.

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Global News, Newsshutterstock_275972699 Empowering Your Writing in English: Academic vs. General – October 05

AWUC offers online course “Empowering Your Writing in English: Academic vs. General”. The course is developed by Academic Writing Center (Higher School of Economics).

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